Pillar also operates the day-to-day activities of its investment properties. Key divisions include the following:

Asset Management

Pillar’s asset management team intimately directs all aspects of the company’s operations providing a coherent vision for balancing the varying operational contingencies within the overall investment objective. From acquisition to disposition, Pillar proactively manages each property, monitoring market conditions, capital requirements, operational issues, and debt financing to identify and achieve savings, higher efficiencies and enhance property value and investment return metrics.

Property Management

Pillar's property management approach is centered upon its tenant-clients and is formed by the understanding that the company’s success is ultimately dependent on the success of these tenants. Pillar recognizes that the long term performance of its properties can only be achieved by providing the image, environment, and service that its tenants require to excel in their own industries. Thus, Pillar’s managers provide exemplary customer service that goes beyond mere problem solving. They seek to actively understand the tenant’s needs and objectives and to incorporate them within the company’s operational parameters and strategic plan. Consistently implementing this approach transforms the tenant/landlord relationship where both become partners in furthering the other's success.

Project Leasing

Pillar’s project leasing team exemplifies a results-oriented approach to meeting the occupancy and business objectives of Pillar’s tenant-clients. The company enters every lease negotiation with a strategic focus on creating the ideal corporate image, lay-out efficiencies and overall space functionality important to prospective office users and existing tenants. Equally important, our leasing personnel are dedicated towards continued client services with the same diligent attention long after a lease is consummated. By being proactive, we can anticipate the future space requirements of our existing tenants and deliver real estate solutions conducive to their evolving business. Our clients can always rely on the Pillar team to readily respond to any issues with a sense of urgency and accommodating spirit.

Construction and Project Management

Pillar’s design and construction team implement and oversee all construction related activity. The scope of responsibility include, but are not limited to, leasehold improvements, major structural enhancements, common area upgrades, mechanical system replacement/overhaul and other construction related projects. The design/build team regularly interfaces and works in conjunction with Pillar’s leasing and property management personnel to insure the timely delivery of construction projects within the parameters of approved budgets.